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Characters are based on Dragonball Z contains Giantess vore nudity and sexual contact must be 18 and up

Years have passed sinces Majin Buu was destroyed. Bulma was always wanting sex but no one notice her but Master Roshi.Tired of not having powers she decided to give herself her own by injecting her self with the DNA of Majin Buu.
"Now I can be the sexies  woman in the world!" Bulma laughed as she felt the energy rushed thought her body. Waking up the next morning she discovered her body was rubbery and that she had an a pink tentacle to do Buu's change beam but every part of her was the same  but she hungered for men her stomach was growling and Yamcha was always being a pepping tom.

"Hmm? Since young men love big breasts theses days I guss I'll make my DDD-cups bigger. Now how big I want them.I'll go with an H-cup 80!!"

Bulma pointed her tentacle to her chest changing the size of her breasts.Yamcha was in her closet watching her when he fell out on the floor next to her feet.

Yamcha: "Uhh hi Bulma jut dropping bye uhh Well I'll just show myself out"
Yamcha nervously laughed afterwards

Bulma in hunger shouted out "You aren't going on where my little  morsol." Bulma used the Change Beam and had made him 6 1/2 inches tall.Bulma's crawled towrads him licking her lips.Yamcha looked up at her in fear

Yamcha: "Bulma what the hells going on?"

Bulma:"Shut up Yamcha! I'm sick of being powerless but now I've got the power of Majin Buu on man can resist my sexual body.Unfortunately I have inherited Buu's appetite and since you're such a pervert I'll just have to eat you.

Yamcha "What??!! Are you insane!!"

Bulma: " Ohh no. I just have a craving for sex and a meal!!"

Bulma grabbed at Yamcha as she laughed.
Yamcha ran from her trying to get away from her but Bulma scooped up inside of her bra

"Time to play little man Hee hee hee! Mmm yeah you like my boobies don't ya? I love watching you being en gulped by my beautiful breasts"
Bulma rubbed and jiggled her tits her eyes lite up with delight
"Ohh Yamcha ah ha you fell so good.Mmmha I can just absorb you inside of my tits but what fun whould that be."
Bulma took him out her bra.Yamcha jumped out of her hand and stood below her.

Yamcha:" Bulma! I don't want a fight you but I will If I have to."

Yamcha started punching  and kicking her but her body reflected ever impact.

"Hahahaha! Save your energy for my belly. Come here!"

Bulma lashed out with her tentacle trying to snatch him.Yamcha dodged the attack only to trapped inside of Bulma's mouth. She moaned and groaned in pleasure as she swished him around in her saliva rubbing her giant tits as she teasted every inch of him.

"Mmm yeah owww yummy! Ah ha ha ha."

Bulma swished him around flavoring he as she fingured her pussy.In her mouth Yamcha was being was keeping as far away from the back of her throut. Holding on to her tongue he starts to enjoy  the fell of it and thinks to himself

"Oh man this fells good I don'y know if I can hold it no more."

Then shouts out

"Ahh I'm cumming!"

Bulma's mouth had been filled with Yumcha's cum.After he had jumped out of her mouth and began to walking away Bulma slammed her titties in front of him licking lips saying
"Where you thank you'ar going. You may have relieved my hunger for sex but not for you."
Her powers had made him unable to move.She opened her leg wide exposing the mouth of her pussy.
"Heeheehee! I told you I was gonna eat you but I never said how."

Yamcha: Whoa! What are you doing Bulma? You can't!!"

"Aww yeah! Yummy tiny Yamcha's gonna eaten by my pussy Slurp!! You'll squirm all the way in want ya?"

Yamcha: "Bulma don't do this we're friends remeber."

"Bulma is soo yesterday  say hello to Bulma Buu! Whahahaha! But don't worry I'm not gonna digest you. I just want to keep you silents and uses you for my private toy. Now enough of this nonsense. Ha Ha ah It's Dinner Time!!"

After saying  that a long pink tongue wrapped around him and pulled him head first inside her hungry pussy.Yamcha felt the wet lips of Bulma's pussy slowly sucking him in.Bulma watched laughing as he was squirming and listening to his mumbering screams.

Yamcha: Bulma No Don't ahhh!

"Sluuuurp glurk gulp!"

"Mmmm owww yeah eww. I'll cocoon inside of me just like Buu.Only thing about spitting you up. I'll be doing it over and over again Heehee!"

Now that Bluma has the DNA Mijin Buu It seems that she's at top of the Food Chain.Will nothing stand in the way of this sex craving man-eater and what other sexual activities dose she have in store for Yamcha? Is Yamcha gonna be in Bulma Buu's giant belly?.....No one knows
                                                      The End
     By:heathnecaise Vore Idealist

Bulma Buu Dragonballz Bulma Vore by heathnecaise

Mature Content
I thought That It was time for Bulma to have a little fun
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Josh1220 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
a sequel is greatly desired
heathnecaise Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
The da won't let me do stories but I'm able to do rps
Josh1220 Featured By Owner May 25, 2015
i been away a while so I didn't get this, you still do rps?
heathnecaise Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
yes but I would like to be the prey 
Josh1220 Featured By Owner May 29, 2015
we could just like do one rp with you prey then one with me prey? XD
heathnecaise Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015
do it by notes I rather be prey 
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