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Characters are bases on Star Was The Clone Wars  contains Giantess vore, nudity, anal vore, and sexual content

Anakin Skywalker and Padma had woke up one morning  to find there selves  in Ahsoka's bedroom

Padma: "Anakin what is going on?!

Anakin trying to use his force powers

Anakin: I don't know but my force powers are gone.

Padma feels a vibration  that someone are something was coming there way Anakin looks up and sees Ahsoka. Both of the shout out

Anakin: "Ahsoka!! Over here"

Padma: "Ahsoka!!"

Ahsoka looks around as she hears them

Ahsoka: "Master Skywalker were are you I hear but I don't  see you."

Padma : "The bed look on your bed!!!"

Ahsoka walks over to the bed and and sees them and gasps

Ahsoka:  "Oh my gosh You two are so adorable  It's like one of my fantasies"

Anakin:  "Ahsoka can you help us get to normal ?"

Ahsoka: "Hmmm I don't know This is my fantasy  Tee hee but you two just wait right here I'll be right back."

She goes into her closet and put on red silk bra and panties. Anakin comforts Padma

Anakin: "OK. All we can do is wait for Ahsoka."

Padma  acts pissed off

Padma: "That bitch  batter hurry up"

Ahsoka standing over her looking angry

Ahsoka: "Who you calling bitch tiny?!"

As both of them look up they see Ahsoka's sexy body. Anakin stumbles backwards

Anakin: "Ahsoka! What the hell?"

Ahsoka: "Tee hee all for you my little master "

Padma looks at Ahsoka and trembles

Padma: "What is the meaning of this?"

Ahsoka smiles licking her lips

Ahsoka: "Let just say I'm dangerously horny and  of course Bi Sexual."

Useing her force power she brings both of them to eye lever

Padma: "Let us go you crazy bitch!"

Ahsoka glares at her and  grabs her Padma struggles

Ahsoka:  "Like to call me names well time for me to teach you a lesson."

Padma screams as Ahsoka drops her in the front of her panties and struggles inside.  Ahsoka laughs

Ahsoka: "Now who's the bitch?"

Anakin: "Ahsoka this is treason I order you to stand down!"

Ahsoka: "ohh you can't tell me what to do besides I have a special places for you but first how about a little bounce?"  

She tosses him  into the air giggling as she bounces him on her breasts She begins to moan as her nipples start to harden

Ahsoka: "Ahh Ohh yes Now get in between"

Ahsoka pulls her breast apart and catches him in her bra

Anakin: "Ahsoka Don't do this!!"

Ahsoka: "Why not Surely You're enjoying theses big titties. Hey Padma how's the pussy down there? Tee hee."

Padma struggles shouting

Padma: Let me out Pleases I'll never call you a bitch again

Ahsoka: alright.

She pulls Padma out and ties her to the bed post Padma looks around

Padma: Where's Anakin?

Anakin punches the walls of Ahsoka's bra Padma watches the lumps of his fist Padma shouts demanding

Padma: Let him out now!!

Ahsoka laughs and teases

Ahsoka: Aww what the matter are pissed because It's me not you Tee hee

Ahsoka bounces Her tits in front of her just to teas her giggling at the look on Padma's face Ahsoka spreads Padma's legs exposing her pussy

Padma: Ahsoka!! What Are you doing?

Ahsoka: Giving you pleasure my little cutie

Ahsoka starts to lick Padma's pussy

Padma: No Don't!! ahhh

Ahsoka :Mmmm tasty How bout a little suction

Ahsoka wraps her lips her pussy and starts  to suck her Padma moans out loud as she comes close to cumming

Padma: Argh! It.. it feel good

Ahsoka laughs as she sucks harder Padma cums down into her throat Ahsoka licks her lips in satisfaction and sets her down on the bed.

Ahsoka: You look like you've enjoyed that. I hope Anakin doses?

Padma: Why are you doing this?

Ahsoka: Aww come you know you would do the same thing.

Ahsoka pulls Anakin out of her bra and slaps him with her tongue

Anakin: Gah!

Ahsoka rubs her breasts as She sliip her tongue between his legs Anakin struggles
as She starts to suck

Ahsoka: Mmmm I been wanting this for sooo long

Anakin: Ahsoka No!

Anakin's feet get caught in her mouth and is sucked in Padma screams

Padma: Anakin!!!

Ahsoka swishes him around Anakin pushes her lips apart hold her mouth open

Anakin: Ahsoka  You don't have to do this!

Ahsoka: True but I want to.  Now give me that cock!

Ahsoka strokes his cock with her tongue. Anakin moans and grones as he couldn't help but feel good.

Ahsoka: dose it feel good master?

Anakin:'s wonderful

Ahsoka giggles as she sucks him harder causing him to climax She then pick him off and looks at him

Ahsoka: Master May I ask you something

Anakin: Yeah. What is it?

Ahsoka: Do you like big booties?

Anakin blushes a bit and gives him away Ahsoka smiles

Ahsoka: Tee Hee I knew it! You've been starring at my ass the whole time! ^^ I've got a surprise for you. Tee hee and Padma gets to watch

Ahsoka shows off in front of Padma and drops Anakin in the back of her panties wedging him up between her ass checks

Padma: Anakin NO!!!!

Ahsoka laughs playfully as he struggles She then dances in front of Padma

Ahsoka: Ohhh yes Owww  This is soooo good!!!

Not knowing her ass was sucking him in she bends over for a moment after not feeling him She takes off her panties Padma eyes widen  Ahsoka says with a grin  as she rubs her ass checks

Ahsoka:  Oopie Sorry master

Padma: NO! what have you done to him?

Ahsoka:  Sorry but it appears my sexy ass has just made him into a meal but don't worry I won't disgust  him nor you

Padma screams and tries to run  but is caught by Ahsoka's force grip

Padma: Let me go you crazy bitch

Ahsoka: I don't think you've  learned your lesson.

Padma: No not again!!

Ahsoka ties Padma to a dildo and laughs as she struggles Making her mouth water Ahsoka licks her lips saying

Ahsoka: Mmmm wonder what you tease like?

Padma scrams as Ahsoka starts sucking the dildo until Padma was soaked in her saliva.
Padman looks up starring up at Ahsoka's pussy

Padma: Ahsoka pleases don't do this to me think about it you don't want to do this.

Ahsoka: Hmmmmmm Nope  I want to.

Ahsoka shoves the dildo into her pussy hearing the cries from a helpless Padma

Ahsoka: Ohhh yeah get in my pussy
Yeah not so high and mighty now are you bitch

She uses the force to control the dildo and sucks on her tits rubbing them as she feel Padma struggling

Ahsoka: Aww yes yes yes  I'm cumming

Padma spills out of Ahsoka's pussy covered in her sticky cum unable to move

Padma: Oh gosh!! This is so gross

Ahsoka slaps her in the face with her tongue

Ahsoka: Mmm tasty

Ahsoka stomach rumbles sending chills up Padma's spine. Padma struggles more as Ahsoka reached out with her hand

Ahsoka: Come here my little meal

Padma: No!!!!!

Ahsoka grabs her and brings her to eye lever Padma whimpers

Padma: Pleases Don't do this to me

Ahsoka: Aww don't worry I'd never digest you or my master. Now time to go bye bye

Ahsoka tosses her into her cum and saliva  dripping mouth

Padma: Gah!!

Ahsoka: Mmmm Yummy

Padma is swished around in her mouth helplessly She presses against the lips of her mouth trying to escape

Ahsoka: oh no you don't!

Ahsoka tilts her head back causing Padma to slid down her throat

Say hello to Anakin for me

Padma: No!!!!


Ahsoka: Mmmmmm  uuuurp!! that was satisfying

Ahsoka lies down after her meal fall into a deep sleep Have both of her closes friends even closer


Commission Ahsoka's Fun Time by heathnecaise

Mature Content
my first Commission of Ahsoka eating Anakin and Padma
to FanofmyHolly
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MALTIAN Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Nice story I really hope that you can continue it and I am also curious to know what Anakin and Padmes new life inside of Ahsoka is going to be like
heathnecaise Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
sorry that's something Idk
HMartin99 Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
It's really hard to find Ahsoka vore. This was just amazing. Keep up the awesome work.
heathnecaise Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
FanofmyHolly Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Thank you for this man. I'll be sure to send the points now. This was awesome! :D
heathnecaise Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
you're welcome
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