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All characters are based on Batman The Animated Series contains nudity giantess vore and sexual content must be 18 and up

It was just like any other night Batman was making his routes when he notices something odd Salina Kyle AKA Catwoman was running on the rooftops caring a Strange bag  
Batman:"What are you up to Salina?"
He aims his grappler gun and zooms to the rooftops following her to her apartment
Selina stood there in her apartment setting a trap for Batman
Batman: "Salina!"
Catwoman: "Why hello Brucey...."
Batman: "What the hell?!?!"
Catwoman: "Mmmm you look much better at this size...."
He tries to contact the bat cave but he find it is useless
Catwoman: "I have EMP sensors all around...all your gadgets are useless...."
Batman: "Oh shit!!!"
He dived under her legs trying to get away from her but she sits on him trapping him between her ass checks.
Catwoman:"Mmmm you like that batty bet you do."
She licks her lips rubbing her tits as he struggles. She see's  him taking off his utility belt along with all of his clothes but his mask as she then puts him in a cage. As he looked at her through the bars of the cage she strip down to her tight black latex bra and panties.
Batman: "What do you want Salina?"
She giggles
Catwoman: "I think you can guess..."
She teases him by sticking her tongue between the bars.
Batman: "You won't get away with this!"
Catwoman: "of course I will! My little rodent....."
She takes the cage and dumps him on her bed and pins his arms down.
Batman:"What are you doing?!"
Catwoman: "just having a taste....."
She licks him all over his body. He knows she's a criminal but can't help but have an erection.  
Catwoman: "oooh batsy! I knew you were shallow, but not this much!*giggles*
She grabs him tossing him in her bra

Admit it Brucey! You always had the hots for me!!
Batman: "You're right I did and I have to admit I'm starting to enjoy this."

She giggles and starts bouncing him on her boobs
Batman: "Whaaa!! Selina stop!!"

Catwoman: "aww you don't like bouncy bouncy?"

She keeps doing it getting more sluttier as his body nearly gets swallowed by her boobs.
She giggles after she  has fun with her breasts.She pulls down her panties and she picks up batman licking her lips
Catwoman:"Mmm time to get you wet Brucey  heehee""
She ties him to her gel dildo and slaps him with her tongue.
Batman:"Aww yuck!"
Catwoman:"If you like that, you'll love this!"
She spreads her legs
Up the rabbit hole Bruce!
Batman: "No don't"
She laughs
Catwoman: "Mmm pussy time little bat"
Batman: "No!!!"
She shoves him in, moaning
Catwoman: "Ohh yeah make me cover you in cream."
Batman: "Salina. noooo!! Let me out!!!"
She moans at he struggles thinking to herself
Catwoman: "Mmm wonder if bats are as good as mice...."
She shoves him in her pussy harder
Catwoman:"Ahhh!! oww! yeah Mmm hmm mmm!"
Batman: "Let me out!!!"
C:you want out? give this kitty her cream!
Batman: "Gah!!!!!"
C:"Ahhhh!!!! {Splosh!!!} mmmmmmmmmmm"
She takes him out a to her amazement he still had an erection.
C"Mmm I can help you with that."  
Batman: "No wait"
Before he could say anything else  she wrapped her tongue around his cock.
Catwoman: "Mmmmmmm"
She licks him rubbing her smooth tongue faster and faster.
Catwoman: "Gimme that cum rich boy!
Batman: "Ohh it feels so good."
She keeps licking. He can't help but cum.
Batman: "Gah!!!"
He stood their stunned at what just happened  
Catwoman: "Mmmmmm well the cat has finished playing with her food...."
Batman: "Ok Selena turn me back to my size."
Catwoman: "Nope, you're much more useful at this size."
Her stomach growled Batman's eyes lighten  up
Batman:"Ow shit!"
Catwoman: "Another mouse for this cat to devour! Mmm you'll feel so good in my belly!"
Batman: "No don't eat me no!!"
He struggles to try and get free from her
Catwoman: "Sorry Brucey! But I guess this will make up for  those missed dinner dates!"
Her lips are dripping with saliva as she very slowly brings him to her lips.
Catwoman: "Mmm yummy yummy in my belly you go."
Batman: "Wait can we talk about this?!"
Catwoman: "Nope, It's belly time!"
He presses up against her lips trying to keep himself from being sucked in.
Catwoman: "Who said I would digest you?
She sucks him in swishing him around in her mouth tasting her cum coated snack
Batman: "Let me out!!!"
Catwoman: "Mmmmmmmm"
He tries to force her mouth open
Batman: "Grrr let me go you cat slut!!!"
Catwoman: "So rude! That gets you detention in mah belly!"
She pushes him down with my tongue
Catwoman: "Ba bye rich boy"
Batman: "Selena!!! Noooooo!!"
Gulp Gulp gulp!!!!!
She burps and pats her belly
Catwoman: "Mmm yummy ow yea... squirm little bat squirm"
He landed in her stomach and started punching the walls. The vibrations of his punches were making her boobs throb
Catwoman: "Oww yes Mmm fuck me from the inside owww yes yes yes. Mmmm your mine Batman all mine hahahahahahahaha!!!!"

The End
By heathnecaise and hydranoid2009
Edit by AndoraIce

The Cat And The Bat by heathnecaise

Mature Content
This story branches off from [link]
HMartin99 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
Best giantess vore I've ever seen in my life. You are the best.
heathnecaise Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
HMartin99 Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
Keep it up man.
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